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Welcome to Kindergarten 
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Room 6

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

I am honored to be your child's Kindergarten teacher. It is my goal to ensure that each of my students receives optimal learning opportunities with each instructional minute of every school day. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you are more than welcome to contact me at any time (619) 336-8606.

Each day Room 6 follows this Daily Schedule:
8:15 - ELD
9:00 - Shared Reading
9:10 - Universal Access Group1
9:45 - Recess
10:00 - Phonics
10:20- Universal Access Group 2
10:45 - SIPPS
11:10 - Phonemic Awareness
11:20 - Lunch
12:00 - Writing
1:05 - Dance/P.E./Drinks/Bathroom
1:15 - Math
2:25 - Dismissal

***** Thursdays**** Dismissal at 12:55*******

Classroom Rules/Discipline Policy:

Be Respectful:
Raise hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
Take turns and share.
Give Praises.

Be Responsible:
Stay on task and at center until "Clean-Up" song plays.
Turn in homework & folder on Fridays.

Be Safe:
Keep hands and feet to yourself.
Sit in Listening Position on carpet.
Walk facing forward with hands behind your back.

1. Verbal Warning
2. Time Out
3. No Recess
4. Phone Call Home
5. Visit with the Principal

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