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Room 21 2nd Grade 2016-2017 

Welcome to 2nd Grade. I am very excited to start of the new school year. I have a very exciting year planned out for our boys and girls. I am sure we will have a very successful year.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Communication between parents and teachers is a vital component of a successful classroom. I am counting on your support throughout the school year. Please remember that when teachers and parents work together our students win!

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. Classroom #336-8821 E-mail Alma.Medrano@national.k12.ca.usv


Homework will be sent Monday-Thursday. Please help your child become more independent this year make him/her responsible for their own assignments.

Please remind students to read for 30 minutes every night.


Spelling test will be given every Friday. Math,Science, Language Arts and Social Studies exams will be given at the end of each chapter or unit.

Classroom Rules:

1.We follow directions the first time.

2.We arrive to school on time and ready to learn

3.We respect everyone and everything in our classroom and in our school.

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