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Room 12-4th Grade 
Welcome to Room 12 at Lincoln Acres. My name is Ms. Avilez and I will be your teacher here at Lincoln Acres.I hope that you will enjoy your fourth grade year. We will have a wonderful year full of learning and fun. Parents, I also welcome you to our upcoming school year. Enjoy looking through this website. Thanks for visiting!
Ms. Avilez

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Homework Policy

The children will have homework 3-4 times a week. Homework will be sent home daily and is due the next day. If your child does not bring back their homework the next day, they will stay in at recess or stay after school to complete it. There are no homework packets as you may have been used to in the younger grades. If your child is unable to complete their homework, please write a note telling me why and when they will turn it in. Homework is very important as it reinforces skills taught in school and helps your child become more responsible.

Home Reading Requirements

Your child should be reading at least 30 minutes a night. As the year progresses your child may have an assigned book that he/she is responsible for completing. After reading an assigned book they may be required to complete a book report. Please encourage your child to read, read, read every night. They may check out books from the classroom library.

Grading Policy

The work that your child brings home should be reviewed. I usually send papers home 2 to 3 days a week. Correcting errors and learning from them is a part of the learning process. Look through your childé─˘s work together to reinforce the concepts being taught in class as well as showing your child that you value school and acknowledge their accomplishments. At times your child may bring home unfinished work. I usually write, é─˙please finish.é─¨ Please have your child finish the assignment and return it to school the next day. Classroom work is graded on a 4-1 rubric, which corresponds to the report card grading. 4-Excellent, Exceeds the standard 3-Great, Meets the standard 2-Needs Improvement-Approaching the standard 1-Unsatisfactory-Below the standard

Parent-Teacher Communication

If any questions or problems arise please contact me. You know your child better than I do. Often children express at home what they are too shy to share at school. It also very common for children to misunderstand what a teacher has said, or to worry about a problem that does not exist. Please contact me if there is anything I should know or any questions I could answer for you. The school number is 336-8600.

I am looking forward to talking to you at Back to School Night. I will be talking with you in more detail about what we do in fourth grade. I hope to see you often during this year. We must work together to make this a wonderful, learning time for your child!

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